OMAX Bridge is a platform to transfer Token from Binance Smart Chain network to OMAX Chain network.



What is Crypto?

OMAX Vault will be a platform with the abilities of Staking and Time-Locking.

Rewards : 1 Month [ 1% ]
Rewards : 3 Months [ 4% ]
Rewards : 6 Months [ 10% ]



Omax Token is a community driven, Defi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, Liquidity Acquisition, and Supply Burn.


At OMAX we believe investors, whether large or small, should have peace of mind about their investments. Our mission is to provide a platform with Decentralized Application (dApp) tools, Blockchain and education to give investors control and confidence over their investments, while empowering visionaries and developers to earn their investors' trust. Omax’s innovative idea and Omax Blockchain will bring a true revolution to the cryptocurrency space and set a new standard for security in Defi


What is Crypto?

Bringing crypto payments to the masses:

Through our OMAX TOKEN. Running on the BEP20 platform, OMAX is fast, low in transaction fees, and most importantly - secure.

OMAX P2P Marketplace

Our Marketplace will be a hub where users can buy, sell, and trade every day items using cryptocurrency. OMAX Token will be the primary currency, however we plan to integrate other tokens in the future.

OMAX Point-of-Sale

By integrating our Blockchain into popular e-commerce and shopping cart platforms, we aim to grant users the ability to easily complete their everyday purchases using their crypto currency balances.


Users will be able to swap or exchange among their crypto assets. For purposes of growth, this will initially be specific to BSC.

Upon launch of the OMAX Blockchain, OMAX Swap will bridge all known blockchains into its protocol powered and be powered by OMAX Token.

OMAX Vault

OMAX Vault will be a platform with the abilities of Staking, Time-Locking, and Lending. This will be BSC exclusive during our infancy - but the future OMAX Vault will be powered by the OMAX Blockchain and will support modern tokenomics like reflection rewards.

Token Tracker


Pre-Sale & Values


BUY TAX : [ 5% ]

  • Liquidity : [ 0.5% ]
  • Burn : [ 3.5% ]
  • Marketing : [ 0.5% ]
  • Reflection : [ 0.5% ]

SELL TAX : [ 15% ]

  • Liquidity : [ 1.5% ]
  • Burn : [ 10.5% ]
  • Marketing : [ 1.5% ]
  • Reflection : [ 1.5% ]

The OMAX Team

We are a diverse group of highly skilled developers, marketers, and influencers from all corners of the globe. Our team has the knowledge, drive, and aptitude capable of scaling this project to the moon and beyond.

From unparalleled viral marketing execution, to robust influencer connections and proven digital marketing strategies, the team is on a mission to turn $OMAX parabolic.

Creative and Dedicated People
Years of combined experience
Years of blockchain experience
Implementation Sheet


By launching on the Binance Smart Chain, OMAX is fast, low-cost, and secure. This will allow steady growth as we develop our own Blockchain. OMAX Token will be the native token on the OMAX Blockchain. Investing now guarantees your early adoption into our future.

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Quarter 4, 2021

Official TG group creation
OMAX whitepaper
OMAX website development
Social media
Crypto influencer promo
Private sale
Rigorous marketing
Contract audit
Pancake swap listing
CMC listing
CG listing
Airdrop arrangements
Exchange listing
Staking implementation
OMAX vault

Quarter 1, 2022

Expand core team
Add R&D team
Start developing OMAX block chain
Press releases
Rigorous marketing

Quarter 2, 2022

OMAX blockchain on testnet
Advertisement in metropolitan cities
Media promos

Quarter 3, 2022

Promotional events
Celebrity Ads on media
Rigorous marketing
OMAX blockchain on mainnet
Integration to E-Commerce platforms

Quarter 4, 2022

OMAX swap
NFT collection
Rigorous marketing